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Vietnam est toujours un beau pays,
sauf sous la domination communisme.

The Indochina Post and the Saigon news. Vietnam est toujours un beau pays Et sera beau dans mon coeur Viet Khang : Je pense a toi Tu me manques Ou es tu ? JL. Ngu Hanh Son

Dis moi ,qui es tu?
Qu'ai je fait ,pourquoi tu m'arretes?
Dis moi, qui es tu?
Me frappant,sans la moindre pitie?
Dis moi, qui es tu?
M' interdisant ,d'expimer
L'amour pour ce pays,et ce peuple a trop de souffrance !
Dis moi, d'ou viens tu?
M'empechant ,d'opposer a la Chine ?
Dis moi, d'ou viens tu ?
M' insultant ,dans notre propre langue ?
Quelle est ta racine ?
Quelle raison de servir l'ennemi ?
Et laisser la trace.
Que tes mains ,trempees de nos sangsLink
. Je ne me taire.
Quand mon pays est ebranle
Et mon peuple va se noyer
Dans l'obscurite a l'eternite !!!
Je ne peux me taire
Pour l'avenir ,de mes descendants
Quelle sera leur racine ?
Quand ce mond ,n'a plus de...Vietnam !

Music & Lyrics: Viet Khang .. French version : Antoine Figal

Paul ,do you hear Viet Khang's crier . Yes ,. I hear him .Million and million his country people hear him. The world hear him! Viet Khang ,he cried for help to save his country : Vietnam
I cannot sit still ,while Vietnam ,my country collapses"

What Viet Khang seeks not just legal equity but human ability The ABILITY which Gandhi said :" I have nothing new to teach the world .Truth and Non-violence as old as the hills." Yes , Gandhi answered Viet Khang, he was indeed its author .And as for as explanation ,it lay in what the movement intended to accomplish:"to replace methods of violence and to be movement based entirely upon TRUTH" .

After first trying out a Tolstoyan approach of passive nonresistance in his South African campaigns , Gandhi concluded that it would not suffice.. Instead ,nonviolent resistance should reject not only all recourse to violence but also mere passivity so as to play an active ,forceful ,even militant role.

Thus interpreted ,Gandhi sought to bring about profound social and individual change without the fanaticism ,the hatred ,and the slaughter that attend so many . As Jawaharlal Nehru pointed out ,Gandhi thereby brought an entirely new dynamic into the political and social field ,which in the end transformed not only the history of India but also the lives of all who took part in his campaigns ."

Since Gandhi's death in 1948 ,his example ,his writings ,and the militant nonviolence he advocated have continued to "teach the world" .They have influenced liberation movements as diverse as the American civil rights struggle ,the Polish Solidarity movement ,and the Philippine " people power " that overthrew the Marcos regime .
Now ,Viet Khang is saying TRUTH through his song :

May I ask , who are you ?
Why arrest me ? What have I done wrong ?
May I ask ,who are you ?
Why beat me ,without the slightest mercy !
May I ask ,who are you ?
To keep me from protesting !
For love of my country,whose people have endured far too much !
May I ask, where are you ?
Forbidden me from opposing a Chinese invasion.
May I ask, where are you ?
Why scold me in the language of my people !

Viet Khang could have echoed St . Augustine's words :
Many people who know me,and others who do not know me but have heard or read my songs, wish to hear what ,where I am now,at this moment , as I set down my confessions. They, Vietnamese Communists cannot lay their ears to my heart ,and yet it is in my heart that I am what I am. So they wish to listen as I confess what I am in my heart , into which they cannot pry by eye or ear or mind.

Viet Khang subtiled his account " The Story of my Experiments with Truth " Now he wanted to take stock of his life and consider directions for the future himself and his people, his country ! In this way , Viet Khang hoped to achieve greater self-knowledge and come closer to the goal of self-realization that he equated with Truth ,with moral, and religious insight ,and with seeing "God face to face" .This effort would require him to describe his experiences in detail and with ruthless honesty ,omitting no ugly truths "that must be told"Viet Khang ,you tremble for your country when you reflect that God is just :" That his justice cannot sleep forever !!!

Yes , Viet Khang God Bless you ,your wife and your 4 years old son !! What your concerns were President Mandela South Africa's concerns .Mendela was still torn between the two aspects of British presence in South Africa : the brutal military subjugation of the Xhosas and the enlightened of liberal English education. This contradiction had been summed up in a poem ,"The Prince of Britain" , by Mandela 's favorite poet, Mkwayi ,written to celebrate the visit of the Prince of Wales to the Ciskei in 1925 :

You sent us the truth,denied us the truth;
You sent us the life, deprived us of life;
You sent us the light, we sit in the dark,
Shivering ,benighted in the bright noonday sun "

Yes ,Viet Khang you are still torn between the Vietnamese Communist Party ruines your country and the Chinese invade Vietnam. Living under these conditions, the 90 million Vietnamese lost faith in themselves.

They came to feel that perhaps they were less than human . Viet Khang ,you seek not just freedom but opportunity.You seek True peace not a negative peace .True peace is not merely the absence of some positive force-justice ,good will and brotherhood.The only solution to Vietnam's crisis is for the VN Communist Party and its government to accept their people as human beings. Your two songs " Who are you ? and Where is my VN country ?

Yet, the method you applied is nonviolent resistance. It was made famous in our generation by Mohanda K .Gandhi , who used it to free India from the domination of British empire."The alternative to violence is nonviolent resistance" His method is passive or nonaggressive in the sense that he is not physically aggressive toward his opponent. But his mind and emotions are always active, constantly seeking to persuade the opponent that he is mistaken. This method is passive physically but strongly active spiritually ;it is nonaggressive but dynamically aggressive spiritually.

It is a method that challenges all people struggling for justice and freedom. God grant that we wage the struggle with dignity and discipline .May all who suffer oppression in this world reject the self-defeating method of retaliatory violence and choose the method that seeks to redeem. Throught using this method wisely and courageously from the bleak and desolate midnight of man's inhumanity to man into the bright daybreak of freedom and justice.If Martin Luther King Jr :" I have a Dream !" yes Viet Khang : your Dream is that the task is to give 90 million Vietnamese in and out country the same chance as three million Vietnamese communist members who rule the country to learn, to grow ,to work and share in country ,to develop their abilities .

The abilitty that Bishop Desmond Tutu of The Right Reverend Desmond Tutu of Anglian Bishop of Johannesburg spoke on 14 August 1985 that :" Ability is not just the product of birth! Ability is stretched or stunned by the family that they live with, and the neighborhood they live in, by the school they go to ,the poverty,and the richness of their surroundings.You said Truth that because all Vietnameses came from privileged backgrounds of South Vietnamese government they were treated especially cruelly by the communist agents who came to power after the Vietnam war ended in April 1975.

As wealthy ,intellectuals, Army, Governmental employees ,business people as well as writers , musicians, journalists and so on were forced out of their home, which was later converted into assets of their communist agents. All of their possessions were taken away or destroyed .Books were burned, eyeglasses were smashed and arts was desecrated.

The widespread destruction during the cultural revolution in the name of social equality so that elites ,army,government employees ,hundreds of thousands of people who had ties to the previous regime and American had their property confiscated and were subsequently rounded up and imprisoned without trial in forced -labour camps euphemistically known as "re-education camps".Tens of thousands of business people,artists, trade-union leaders ,Buddhist monks, Catholic Priests and Protestant clergy=some of whom had opposed both Thieu and the war were detained under horrendous conditions.

Some were able to buy themselves out,but most of the wealthy people simply had their bank accounts and property confiscated. While the majority of the detainees were released within a few years, some (declared to be "obstinate and counterrevolutionary elements} were to spend the next decade or more in the camps .The purge and terrible economic conditions prompted hundred of Southerners to flee their homeland by sea and overland through Cambodia or Thailand. Escaping the country has not been easy.

Many prospective boat people have been caught by the authorities ( often having already paid the estimated US $ 2000 to $3500 to secure a place on a boat) and sent to gaol or to a re-education camp .Of those who have embarked, it have been estimated that at least a half have died at sea.-from drowing or dehydration ,and at the hands of pirates. The boats are usually small and poorly maintained ,hardly seaworthy for a voyage across the South China sea. Captains rarely have charts ,some do not even have an experienced sailor on board.and almost have never ventured further afield than the coastal waters with which they are familiar

.Malaysia instructed their coastal patrol vessels they force boats back out to sea- and in the first six months of 1979 they did just that to 267 vessels carrying an estimated 55,000 refugees. Learned from one American journalist who is Chauncey Bailey's friend that one boats drifted for days off Malaysian ,with the passengers drinking their own urine, until they were picked up -but not before two children 5 and 7 years old had died of dehydration. Chauncey had cried ,when Captain of Cannalism is also reported to have taken place ; one boy 12 years old who had only just survived being killed himself told a journalist of Washington Post "After the body of a boy, has been discovered the boatmaster pulled it up out of the hold.

Then he cut up the body .Everybody was issued a piece of meat about two fingers wide. As numbers rose ,so did the incidence of piracy ,an age-old problem in the South China Sea . Pirates ,mostly Thai realising that the boats often carried families with all their possessions (usually converted into gold ) began to target the refugee boats . Some commentators have estimated that by the late 1975 s ,30% of boats were being boarded,and the United Nations High Commissioner of refugees in 1981 reported that 81% of women had been raped .

Where is your Vietnam country ?
Why conciously take order from China ?
You will leave a mark to last a thousand years.
Your hands will be stained with the blood of our people !
I cannot sit still
While Vietnam my country collapses.
And my people sink
Into a thousand years of eternal darkness.
I cannot sit still
My children and the next generation deserve a future
Where will our roots be ?
When Vietnam is no longer in this world !!

One prediction . I hope Viet Khang never have to make is a world war between nations but asking his Communist government just to open the gates of Freedom and Opportunity and all 90 million Vietnamese must have the ability to walk through those gates.

If not Viet Khang does worry that the Communist rulers in Vietnam in causing conflicts between its people and themselve will become more likely unless Vietnamese people make room for a more civilized way as "Hoi Nghi Dien Hong" (People Powers Conference) in Tran Dynasty to oversee their country situation.Though such a disastrous outcome may be remoted ,the accumulation of stresses may be likened to a " death by a thousand cuts" and if all 90 million Vietnamese fail to take serious even their smallest of problems and they make no efforts to repair them ,they can escalate out of hand.

They live in precacious times ,which will require extraordinary international leadership. I hope that Vietnamese in homeland and those who are living around the world will find more inspiration to work through their growing intensions over China occupations ,economic fortunes and political relations and find the will to drive a quite but productive revolution in human enlightement.

"A pencil is sharper than a sword " as the Publisher of the Post news Group, El Mundo and the IndoChina Post I have confidence that you can appeal to The President of The United States , The US Senate and The Congress ,,The State Department ,The Vietnam Government about assistance for seeking a humanitarian mission.We are seeking a simple humanitarian mission exchange that would resonate as loudy as the work of Mother Theresa whose diplomatic was based on risking to take the first step on faith.

The immediate release of the very young Song writer Viet Khang would be the ultimate diplomatic move understook by the Vietnam government ,the United State government as well.
Thank you.
JL Ngu Hanh Son
Member of the PNG ,El Mundo and the IP.

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